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22/09 Friday 06:31PM

safe food storage containers

We have heard over and over again that we should avoid microwaving our food in plastic containers.  However, there’s more. Storing food in plastic containers can also be risky.

Some plastics can leach chemicals into food. Some contain the hormone-disrupting chemical Biphenol A.  If you use plastic containers, make sure you don’t cook or microwave food in them and junk the older as aging conditions make the leaching more likely. To be safe, choose glass, ceramic and stainless steel over plastic whenever possible.  These materials are longer-lasting and won’t leach chemicals into your food.

That’s not all. The lining in canned foods and beverages, which prevents rusts and preserve freshness is made with resin and contains BPA and phthalates which mimics estrogen and male-hormones respectively. The chemical industry say they are safe but their use in discontinued in baby and children products.

Get storage knowledge from the Daily Green.

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