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20/05 Friday 12:18PM

light up your life, literally.

Get top designer lighting tips to change the mood and feel of your home. Before you move into your new home, plan.  Consider the natural light, function and colour scheme of the room so you can pick the appropriate lighting to suit the purpose.

Lighting can make such a difference to the feel of a room but the planning of lighting for function and purpose is ultra important. One of the places in your home where lighting planning is crucial is your kitchen. You need good lighting overhead, not behind you, to illuminate the area where you prepare food.  When the light is behind, a shadow forms over the counter and it’s harder to see especially when you are cutting and slicing. When lighting is done properly, it reduces strain on your eyes and cuts out errors and accidents in the kitchen.
For illuminating ideas, see what light experts say on Homes and Garden.

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