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04/10 Wednesday 10:17PM

singapore biennale 2013 mandi bunga

Singapore Biennale 2013 Mandi Bunga

In some traditions of South East Asia, 'Mandi Bunga' or Flower bath is a term most people will recognise as the ritual bath mixed with various fragrant flowers and herbs that once indulged is known to cleanse oneself of impurities or bad luck, those who take these baths embrace in the scented waters and feel relaxed while others feel a sense of tranquility or rebirth. In Singapore, Malaysian contemporary artist Sharon Chin will engage in an event organised by her and supported by Singapore Biennale 2013 where she will be joined by 100 willing participants in a group art performance of traditional ritual bathing.

‘How has the world changed for Southeast Asia? What kind of world would you want to live in? Come explore the different types of world with us.’

‘If The World Changed' is the title and 4th theme to be showcased at Singapore Biennale 2013, an art organisation and gallery that lets many artists such as Sharon to express her work and create what the world would look like in her own vision.

Using the method of collaborative performance and performance relics, she has chosen 'Mandi Bunga’ as her concept where it will be taken in two parts; the first will be held in a series of workshop classes in Singapore Art Museum where those who join in the event will get to design their own custom sarongs to wear during the performance and to keep afterwards. Beginning at mid-October, all materials will be provided and each session will be limited up to 10 people.

The second part will be held on Saturday 26th of October, 2013 at a public park in the city where each participant will be given a yellow basin and start to perform the Mandi Bunga but those who cannot join are able to view the performance and witness a beautiful display of tradition, expression, culture and creativity.

The list of participants is already full, but you can still sign-up for updates and follow Sharon activities for the "Mandi Bunga" from her Blog.

With this symbolic act, the artist and participants who were strangers to each other are now conjoined in an orchestration of hope and renewals. The performance will be documented as well as the materials collected and installed within the art gallery of Singapore Biennale 2013.

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