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03/10 Monday 02:45AM

Creative Exploration Session 1

Kaleidoscope is organising their First Creatives Insight Session at Kaleidoscope Studio Gallery in Kiulap. The session will be on the 14th of November 2014 starting at 3pm.

“After seeing the amazing support for 12 hour comic day, and after taking part in Maurice Spees workshop, we decided what's needed is a get together for all creatives : painters, comic artists, illustrators, designers, and even people who think they are not creative, to come and discuss all things related to art in a supportive environment. The sessions are meant to help you find your creative side and enjoy art and will be for a few hours each time.” said Lisa Ahmad the Director of Kaleidoscope.

 “We want everyone to come and bring their art to the gallery for a show and tell day, and talk about what is, and how to be a truly creative being. For those that haven’t done any art work it’s alright, hopefully these sessions will inspire you to make some to share in the following sessions. We hope that these will continue bi-weekly or monthly, more if everyone is up for it! For this first one we will have maurice with us to help us along in reaching the next stage in our crafts.”

"Together we will dive in the art of seeing and being. What is the purpose of our creative expression and how can we fully implement it to better our lives? Maurice guides you in to how to become a powerful observer of the magical beauty that is all around us, and how it can inspire to creatively express your inner state of being through empowerment and self-realization."

Find out more about this event from their event page.

Maurice Spees workshop and the 12 Hours Comic day held at the held at Kaleidoscope Studio Gallery

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