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10/08 Wednesday 09:06AM

The Home of Bruneian Art

The Home of Bruneian Art

Rainforest Gallery is not a new name amongst the local art scene. The gallery opened its door years ago in Kiulap and has been providing art classes, exhibitions and selling paintings and works from artists in Brunei.


Collectively speaking
They’re new, refreshing and an exciting addition to Brunei’s creative and arts scene. Calling themselves ‘the collective’, the group have been making most of their ... More

Episode Six in Time out with Liz
Time Out with Liz took place last Sunday for a sixth episode featuring more local Bruneian talents. In this session of the talk show, Yusrina of Enya Bijoux and ... More

Film Festival UBD 2014
It definitely was encouraging to see young Brunei filmmakers and actors showcasing their abilities during the Film Festival UBD 2014 last weekend. More

refreshing expression
I was impressed when I received an invitation for the opening of the exhibition, nicely printed together complete with the event programme. More

message stick
Message Stick: Indigenous Identity in Urban Australia is the title of the new art exhibition being showcased at the Royal Wharf Art Gallery in Bandar Seri Begaw ... More

singapore biennale 2013 mandi bunga
In some traditions of South East Asia, 'Mandi Bunga' or Flower bath is a term most people will recognise as the ritual bath mixed with various fragrant flowers and ... More

Radisson Art Showcase
The Radisson Hotel Brunei Darussalam invites the public and fellow art enthusiasts to the Radisson Art Showcase that is held from the 25th until the 28th of September ... More

give them a sofa
“Give Them a Sofa”© Art Expo is an initiative developed by BEDB and organized by Bakat Arts Productions and supported by Brunei Art Forum. More